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Posted on September 29 2016

Your Name
41 - 50
How long have you been vaping for?
1 - 2 Years
Do you still Smoke?
Vape Nicotine Strength
Would you recommend vaping?
What has changed in your life? Do you feel any different? What has it meant to you and the people around you?
Before I started vaping I struggled with breathing, was almost always tied and generally felt flat. I was introduced to vaping through a work colleague, who assured me that it would help me quit smoking. Naturally I was suspicious, as I have tried previous electronic cigarettes in the past (those that resemble a tobacco cigarette), but gave it a go. After 3 days I stopped smoking completely, and have not touched a cigarette in over a year. Within the 1st month I started feeling better, could breathe easier and had more energy. My family also noted the difference, and even commented on how I don't smell like a "dirty ashtray". The yellow tinge to my fingers started to fade away after 3 months and the stains on my teeth disappeared after 6 months. For the 1st time in 10 years I did not suffer from bronchitis, and only experienced a slight cold at the beginning of winter. The change was so drastic that I decided to go on my own personal crusade and try convert all smokers to vaping. I started a little tuck shop at the office selling ejuice and coils. Unfortunately this was not appreciated by my previous employer, which ultimately lead me to leave and start my own vape business. This now allows me to pursue my crusade in helping current smokers and vapers to a healthier and better life for them and their families.

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